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Ready to be ReVitalized?

VitElle is your Boutique One-Stop-Shop for mobile aesthetic and wellness services including Botox, supervised medical weight loss, vitamin injections and IV hydration services in the Metro-Atlanta area. We serve individuals, groups and businesses alike. Virtual appointments are available as well. What are you waiting for?

Botox Injections
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Get the results you want!

​Do you:

  • Want to remove wrinkles and age-related lines on your face and/or lips?

  • Want to see rapid results?

  • Want to avoid complex surgical procedures and save money with little to no-down time?

  • Want to re-hydrate, promote your body's natural collagen production, and boost your body's natural ability to lose weight and fight infection?

You're in the right place! VitElle Beauty and Wellness offers signature concierge beauty and wellness treatments all around Metro Atlanta. 

Don't want to go to a busy Doctor's office and sit around in a crowded waiting room? Book our mobile services and let us bring your treatment to YOU, wherever you are!* Contact us today to plan your appointment!

Want to host a Botox, IV Hydration, microneedling or PRF facial Party at your home or your next event? Reach out to us today and we'll take care of the details! We are happy to serve you!

Our experienced and professional staff believe in highly personalized, boutique-style treatment and Dr. Erica will work with you to understand and help meet your personal, cosmetic, and wellness needs while making sure our services remain in line with your budget. We want you to get top-notch, white-glove care! Why? You deserve it!!

Whether you are completely new to Botox, vitamin injections, medical weight loss, and microneedling OR you're a long-time beauty and wellness enthusiast, our services are crafted to enhance your natural beauty and give you the results you're looking for!!

You CAN have the look YOU want! Beginners are welcome! Book your free consultation and let's get you ReVitalized with VitElle today!